Conference Agenda and Schedules

Below you’ll find HTML and PDF versions of the schedules and agenda for the 8th Alström Syndrome International Family Conference and Scientific Symposium.

Activity websites (PDF)

Children’s Activities (age 1 – 6)
Age 1-6 activities overview (PDF)
Friday age 1-6 activities (PDF)

Patient Activities (age 7 – 11)
Age 7-11 activities overview (PDF)
Friday age 7-11 activities (PDF)

Sibling Activities (age 8 – 12)
Sibling Activities age 8-12 overview (PDF)
Friday sibling age 8-12 activities (PDF)

Patient Activities (age 12 – 17)
Age 12-17 activities overview (PDF)
Friday age 12-17 activities (PDF)

Sibling Activities (age 13 – 17)
Sibling Activities age 13-17 overview (PDF)
Friday sibling age 13-17 activities (PDF)

A-Team Activities
A-Team Activities Overview (PDF)
Friday A-Team Activities (PDF)

Conference Agenda (PDF Only)

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