Board of Directors and Family Outreach Coordinators

To provide support, information, and coordination world-wide to families and professionals in order to treat and cure Alström Syndrome

ASI Board of Directors 2019

  • Clarissa Bronson (USA)
  • Gina Denbow (Canada)
  • Randy Douglas (Canada)
  • Selma Duzenli (Turkey)
  • Clair Francomano (USA)
  • Pam Jackson (USA)
  • Cassie Johnston (USA)
  • Michael Kirby (USA)
  • Chelsey Kostick (USA)
  • Pietro Maffei (Italy)
  • Shelly Marshall (USA)
  • Anne Nordstrom (USA)
  • Jeff Smith (USA)

Robert P. Marshall (USA), Executive Director
Shannon Caldwell (USA), A Team Leader and Ambassador
Barbara Strubell (USA), Operations and Administration Manager

  • Family Outreach Coordinators
    Gina Denbow (Canada) –
  • Carrol Lyon (UK) –
  • Aline Korol (Western Canada) –
  • Lynn and Cassie Johnston (USA) – Sibling Support Coordinators

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