Websites with accessible games

Accessible games are designed to be playable by people who are blind or vision impaired


• Ark Angles
Australian company selling KChess Advance and KChess Elite, accessible chess programs designed to be playable by people who are blind or vision impaired.

• BPC Programs
Free Windows games include Fart Man, Treasure Hunt and Tournament.

CrissCross Technologies
110-64 Queens Boulevard, #406
Forest Hills, New York 11375
(212) 569-7432
of the free CCT Solitaire, a graphics and screen reader friendly card game.

• Inspired Code
Maker of the free musical sound based Tetris game called Metris.

• Malinche Entertainment
Makers of Windows text adventure games for sale including Greystone, First Light and Endgame.
Customer Service/Technical Support –
Sales Inquiries –
Telephone (877)-299-7999    Facsimile (732)-583-2960

1070H Route 34 #190
Matawan, NJ 07747

• Pin Interactive
Makers of science fiction Terraformers game for blind, sighted and vision impaired players. Available for purchase and as demo.

Bavisoft (games for the blind)
For Technical Support:
For Sales:

Snail Mail: Bavisoft
P.O. Box #8
Dewitt, NY 13214


J. J. Meddaugh’s The Zone BBS, Games, Community, and More.:

Draconis Entertainment

All in Play (games for the Blind)
P.O. Box 335
Oxford , MA 01540
Phone: 413-585-9690

Accessible games for the blind
1801 Brantley Road #1413
Fort Myers , FL 33907

G M A GMA Games
GMA Tank Commander, Shades of Doom, Lone Wolf and more

Blind Software LLC c/o Justin Daubenmire
P.O. Box 3716
Boardman , OH 44513
Phone: 559-224-2436

has arcade educational and free game for the visually impaired

Jim Kitchen’s free games
accessible games to download

The Pb soundscape

You can also write to:
Philip Bennefall
Blåsippevägen 18
13930 Värmdö  Sweden

Home to the games Tarzan Junior, jungle adventure games. Dark destroyer, space shooter game. ticktac toe, better known as butter, cheese and eggs. Ant Attack .

Lighttech Interactive

Pacman Talks version 1.1.

Anatol Kamynin’s Technoshock 3D Audiogame.
Technoshock version 1.40b is a first-person 3D shooter in the style and spirit of the classic game Doom.

Ken Downey’s Games.
This is a temporary directory for his games .’s%20games/

Damien Sadler’s X-Sight Interactive.
Home of Blind Man’s Bluff.

Igor and Alina Khmelevtsov’s VIP Games Zone.

Sonic Zoom

Spoonbill Software’s accessible games