Online 2016


On-site audience:  Live transcription/translation without video

Remote audience: Combined live video and live transcription/translation

Welcome to the first online Alström Syndrome Conference.  On the days of the conference, below will be link to join online, as well as an opportunity to select subtitles that are automatically translated in your preferred language with variable font sizes.  The quality of the captions and translation will vary with the clarity of pronunciation of the original speaking voice and the speed at which the speaker talks.

This is an experiment.  We are trying to build a way to communicate around the world at a price we can afford.  You, too, can use this feature to communicate with other Alstrom guests at the conference.  Sue ( will be happy to give you a free account so that you can have conversations with people of other languages as well as converse with the deaf-blind.  We WANT to test these software, so please contact her if you are interested.


Click on the link below.  A live video of the conference will appear and you will be automatically logged into the subtitles in English.  There is a pulldown above the subtitles to choose your preferred language.  If you are using a screen reader, cursor down to the bottom of the page to find the subtitles.  If you have any trouble, first refresh your screen to see if fixes the problem.  If not, come back to this page.  Sometimes the link may change.

Link will be here on the days of the conference.

Live transcription/translation without video

Live conference video from Lifestream (launches in new window)