Since 1992, OptumCare® has been committed to developing innovative models of healthcare delivery that improve our patients’ quality of life while containing healthcare costs. Our strength is in our steadfast commitment to our guiding principle of coordinated care. Our physicians strive daily to bring the benefits of coordinated care to more than 600,000 managed care patients in California, who represent the diversity of cultures, socioeconomic groups, ages, and health statuses in the communities we serve. OptumCare® a fortune 500 company that, through its operating divisions, provides a variety of health care services to patient populations throughout the United States and abroad.


OptumCare® approached PAK Digital on developing a new digital marketing strategy to reach their growing market of Physicians and Patients. As a benchmark HCP was averaging 300 visitors in Q1 2005 with 4,000 page views to their website. Social media channels had not been established yet for the organization. As OptumCare® continues to grow organically and through acquisitions, their digital strategy continues to require measurement and growth.


PAK Digital has supported OptumCare® and their interactive marketing needs for over 11 years. Providing a long-term digital marketing platform requires selecting technologies that enable growth and flexibility. OptumCare® has a deep relationship with Microsoft and therefore utilizing the Microsoft .NET framework for integration with internal databases was the technology of choice. With multiple acquisitions of smaller medical groups the need to easily facilitate physician and patient information required a platform that was HIPAA compliant and secure. Creating a custom content management solution that worked with OptumCare’s existing workflow process and internal departments enabled PAK Digital to develop the right approach from the ground up.


After 11 years collaborating with OptumCare® we’ve seen an increase of website page views to over 685,000 for Q1 2016, which is over 17,000% rise over the last 10 years. The increased traffic generated far exceeded expectations.

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