Since their humble beginnings back in 1978, BJ’s continues to refine their brewhouse experience to make BJ’s a place where you can make the most of any meal. Guests come for their award-winning handcrafted beer. They come for the Southern California twist they’ve put on the Chicago-style pizza. And they come for the Pizookies, their world-renowned dessert.


PAK Digital was tasked by our client BJ’s Restaurants with creating the initial storyboard concepts, custom animation & designs to create a fully functional interactive kids game (Apple iOS) that would be integrated into an online kids menu to be used by families throughout any of their 200 locations.


PAK’s team has a deep Understanding of BJ’s Restaurant and their brand, which allowed us to conceptualize and create an engaging Apple iOS application & integrated “for kids” website the entire family could enjoy. Our custom design and game logic approach combined mobile gamification with opportunities to receive coupons for BJ’s Restaurant and their infamous Pizookie dessert. Extensive storyboarding illustrating the visuals for every panel within the game, how the animation would function, game options and integrated coupon utilization. Created using Java as the primary technology layer which was what was available when the Apple App Store first launched in 2008.