Title3 Funds curates investment opportunities, startups and growing businesses. They work with leading incubators to find the next big idea for their subscribed investors to hit home run after home run.


Create a crowd funding portal that would allow non accredited investors the ability to invest in early stage companies, while providing a platform for startups to engage with potential private investors.  Title3 Funds needed a digital partner to assist in shaping the future strategy, integration of new tools such as cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and IRA accounts for alternative online investment vehicles.


PAK Digital choose the WordPress platform for the Title3 Funds’ responsive website. Using WordPress allowed the PAK Digital team to work at an accelerated pace to meet the tight deadlines that Title3 needed to meet. Additionally, using the WordPress platform allowed for a comprehensive admin dashboard and ease of user management for the Title3 team. HubSpot the clients CRM, was incorporated into the website for data collective forms, integrated email marketing and for lead funnel tracking.  As the funding portal grows additional digital tools would be added for investors to utilize their IRA account or cryptocurrency as their funding vehicle.


As a privately held startup we encourage you to visit the Title3Funds website and experience how “the crowd” is reacting to the individual investment opportunities.  You might just be the next company looking for private investors to grow your idea.