A PAK Digital client since 2007, Cohen Asset Management is a privately held real estate investment firm located in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Cohen Asset continues to add to their extensive portfolio located throughout Northern & Southern California, Phoenix Arizona, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Dallas Texas, Allentown Pennsylvania and Baltimore Washington.

Many casinos use the services of real estate investment companies to source and purchase property in order to build new casinos, more about which you can read when you get redirected here. These companies provide a variety of services, including finding properties, negotiating contracts, and managing the property. The casinos often pay a percentage of the profits from the property to the investment company.

One of the primary benefits of using a real estate investment company is that they can help the casino find properties that are both feasible and profitable.

Another benefit of using a real estate investment company is their expertise in finding property deals that meet specific criteria. For example, a real estate investment company may be able to find a property that meets zoning requirements or has available space that can be converted into a casino floor. In addition, real estate investment companies often have connections within the industry and can provide valuable advice about which properties are most likely to succeed.


The initial strategy for Cohen Asset Management was to create an online brand that could be leveraged offline and expanded online to match their future growth. Lacking a robust professional digital library of their expanding portfolio required extensive photography to be completed for each property. Over the years the organization has continued their projected growth which in turn necessitated secure features for their investors and employees be added to their online portal.
Cohen Asset Management’s initial strategy was to create an online brand for online casino players that could be used offline. Cohen Asset Management, a client of PAK Digital, is a private real estate investment company where online casino paygoo players help build Cohen Asset’s extensive portfolio. In addition, they are located in Northern and Southern California, Phoenix, Arizona, New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington, from where online casino players can invest without fear of risks.


Selecting the right technology that is secure yet nibble enough depending on a brands requirements are imperative. PAK Digital selected the Microsoft .NET framework for Cohen Asset Management’s enterprise level and security requirements. Layering in access to secure investor tools and encrypted email features were a necessity. Without saying the website is compliant with the top internet browsers on your desktop and mobile devices.


The Cohen Asset website is the first place prospective investors go to perform their research on our firm. For the 1st quarter 2017 we’ve seen over 81% of our traffic generated from new potential partners with over 45% of those visitors using their mobile devices.

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