PAK Digital was given an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the Growth Fitness Marketing team and their newly established brand to create an engaging platform for sharing their fitness industry vision.  Leveraging digital marketing best practices to launch GFM into the market place without looking back.


The initial strategy for Growth Fitness Marketing was to create their online brand that also be utilized offline for industry shows and marketing materials. Integrate cutting edge interactive 360 degree videos allowing users to be immersed in locations without the need for clunky navigation tools. Most importantly providing a solution that would deliver the same experience regardless of the user’s device type, when time to market was imperative.


Selecting the right technology that is secure yet nimble enough depending on a brands requirements are imperative. PAK Digital recommended using the WordPress for GFM’s website enabling a faster deployment and ease of user management once launched. Overlaying data collective forms and integrated email marketing tools were a necessity that required API enabled tools be utilized. Without saying the website is compliant with the top internet browsers on your desktop and mobile devices.


As a newly established brand, Growth Fitness Marketing has seen a remarkable steady increase to the digital marketing channels. GFM’s growing email campaign strategy has experienced on average 31% open rates.