Oak restaurant, bringing the community of Laguna Beach, a new local flavor of rustic modern comfort food. An ocean view bar dedicated to creating craft cocktails with exotic flavors, wine by the glass, brewed ales, IPA’s and lagers.


A new restaurant concept that is deeply ingrained in the community with ties to top chefs from the region required a solid marketing foundation that could expand as the business did. Oak’s proximity to downtown Laguna Beach and spectacular ocean views, underlined the necessity for a brand that was simple not over stated, yet spoke elegance. Creating a brand that could be leveraged online and offline for a complete identity (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, building signage, food menus, beverage menus, wine menus and a kids menus). An integrated mobile compliant digital marketing solution with social media channels were crucial to the overall strategy.


PAK Digital selected WordPress as the back end technology, utilizing our custom themes to align with the restaurants brand strategy. The ability to integrate industry standard tools allowing authorized administrators the ability to update/manage components on demand were our #1 priority. Our content editors crafted fun and engaging content that can also be leveraged in social media channels. The website is compliant with the top internet browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Acting as the marketing agency of record our team is tasked with the daily management of the website, social media and search marketing strategies.


The success of the oak restaurant, their comprehensive digital marketing strategy and engagement within the community with continue to evolve. The greatest measurement of any business will be their reviews and word of mouth marketing sharing the enthusiasm with friends and family.